Brant Street Capital provides best-in class sell-side and buy-side advisory across all secondaries transactions
Strategic Planning
Initial Assessment
Decision Point
Initial Marketing
Offer Evaluation
Final Marketing
Final Decision and Negotiations
Legal Documentation
Final Closing Steps
Traditional Secondary Investors
Increase exposure to existing secondary portfolio
Strategic perspective on investor’s shortlist
Proactive approach
Non-Traditional Secondary Investors
Backfill vintage years
Tactical asset mix and allocation
Brant Street Capital has deep relationships with the global secondary market buyer universe.
Limited Partner Services
Sale of illiquid limited partnership interests, including single interests and diversified portfolios
Rebalance and actively manage fund’s portfolio
Crystalize unrealized gains and generate liquidity
Divest non-core funds/GPs
Sale of single or a portfolio of fund-of-funds limited partnership interests
Correct over-diversification and asset duplication
Reduce fee drag associated with FoFs
Pivot to direct fund investment strategy
Sale of older vintage limited partnership interest(s) that are near or past the end of their original term
Clean-up, simplify, and modernize portfolio
Reduce administrative burden
Redeploy to higher returning investments
Reduce potential for IRR drag
Sale of recent vintage limited partnership interest(s) containing significant uncalled capital
Reduce future funding obligations
Lower number of GP relationships
Shift strategic focus
Bespoke liquidity and funding solutions backed by a portfolio of limited partnership interests or other directly held assets
Retain upside & control
Generate interim liquidity
Accelerate Liquidity
Non-recourse loans and credit facilities collateralized by a fund or portfolio of funds
Solve immediate liquidity needs
Generate liquidity without divesting from funds / GP relationships
Retain upside
General Partner Services
Liquidation of a fund-of-funds vehicle via a sale of all remaining limited partnerships
Provide full liquidity for LPs
Redirect focus to newer vintages
Eliminate outsized vehicle operating costs
Option for LPs to sell their exposure to underlying assets or roll into newly created vehicle with capital from new investors
Increase flexibility of exit timeframe
Provide current LPs with liquidity option
Align incentive structure
GP-led liquidity offering to all LPs with no significant changes to the current fund structure
Refresh and consolidate LP base
Establish new LP relationship(s)
Reduce one-off secondary trades
Liquidity and funding solutions for GPs to facilitate further acquisitions, follow-on investments, or interim distributions to LPs, secured by assets in the fund(s)
Add value to existing portfolio
Increase fund’s DPI
Accelerate liquidity
Direct Investor Services
Sale of minority, direct ownership stakes in private companies (including unicorns and pre-IPO companies), co-investments, illiquid public securities, loan portfolios, and custom financial instruments.
Provide liquidity for LPs
Crystalize unrealized gains
Divest from non-core assets
Credit facility for shareholders (e.g. angel, seed, early-stage investors, founders) VC-backed companies, secured by ownership stake in the company.
Generate immediate liquidity
Maintain alignment to other stakeholders
Diversify wealth concentration