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LP-Led Advisory

Single fund sales

Unlocking Unique Demand: With our extensive expertise and comprehensive buyer network, we excel at facilitating single fund sales in the secondary market.

  • LP interests of all sizes

  • LP interests in fund-of-funds

  • LP interests with highly unfunded commitment

  • LP interests in a concentrated asset

Portfolio of funds sales

Harnessing Market Potential: In the dynamic landscape of the secondary market, our expertise lies in facilitating the sale of multiple funds, encompassing both diversified and concentrated portfolios. Leveraging our experience, we are well-positioned to deliver exceptional results for our clients, ensuring their success in this ever-evolving market.

  • Sales of diversified portfolios of funds

  • Sale of concentrated portfolios

  • Liquidation of tail-end portfolios

Portfolio-level financing

Balancing Ownership and Liquidity: Within a specialized sub-segment of the secondary market, we cater to investors seeking a balance between liquidity and retaining upside. Our team collaborates with a diverse range of investors offering compelling portfolio financing options, providing an attractive alternative to a conventional straight sale.

Fund-of-funds liquidations &
tender offers

Specialized Guidance for FoFs: With our substantial experience in fund-of-funds liquidations and tender offers, our clients rely on us to navigate the intricate process involved in these transactions. Drawing upon our extensive industry knowledge and rigorous analysis, we overcome hurdles and identify well-suited investors, while maximizing price and minimizing execution risk.

Single & multi-asset continuation vehicle

Expanding Exit Horizon and Optimizing Value Creation: As continuation vehicles gain traction in the secondary market, GPs are increasingly utilizing this option as a strategic portfolio management tool to provide liquidity options for their LPs. Our team demonstrates meticulous attention and care in facilitating these transactions, actively managing every aspect of a transaction. We offer expert guidance to GPs, enabling them to navigate the complexities of these processes with confidence, and helping them achieve successful outcomes for all stakeholders.

Fund-level tender offers

Enabling LP Optionality: Our team collaborates with GPs to provide their LPs with a streamlined liquidity option through fund-level tender offers. Leveraging our coordinated and structured process, GPs can offer a simple liquidity solution based on the market-perceived price of the assets while preserving the existing fund structure. This underscores the GPs' unwavering commitment to continually provide LPs with flexible liquidity options in a seamless and efficient manner.

Portfolio-level financing

Creating Alignment Using Flexible Capital: With increasing popularity of NAV loans & preferred equity solutions, we team up with GPs seeking to enhance DPI or rejuvenate existing portfolio investments. We work closely with an ever-growing universe of buyers offering tailored financing options, fueling continued growth and helping managers capitalize on new opportunities in the market.

GP-Led Liquidity & Capital Raising

Buy-Side Advisory

Comprehensive Buy-Side Advisory

Brant Street offers buy-side services tailored for both traditional and non-traditional buyers seeking to acquire LP interests. Our expert team proactively approaches prospective sellers of funds on buyer shortlists utilizing our proprietary database, providing expert guidance and helping them assess whether pricing is at top-of-market level. For investors with minimal secondaries exposure or those looking to build a well-rounded portfolio, we provide strategic guidance on crucial considerations such as asset mix, funds, sizes, geography mix, and more. Let us navigate the complex landscape of the secondary market, guiding you with our expertise to make informed decisions and achieve your acquisition goals.

Minority stakes in privately-held

Our team unlocks liquidity in an otherwise illiquid market by facilitating the seamless transfer of private company shares, including unicorns and other VC-backed companies.

Hedge fund side pockets

Our team enables sales for investors of hedge funds that have experienced illiquidity due to sudden gating of the fund or the manager's decision to wind it down. We connect with buyers who have raised dedicated capital to provide liquidity solutions for investors facing illiquidity in hedge funds.

Management company stakes & GP 
carried interests

Our team advises GPs and sponsors seeking to sell, finance, or recapitalize minority equity interests (non-control) in alternative asset management firms. These transactions leverage the cash flow profile of the GP, and we collaborate closely with committed buyers who have allocated capital specifically for financing these strategic opportunities.


  • Captive Spin-outs

  • Esoteric Assets (Aircraft Leasing, Litigation Financing, Music Royalties, Intellectual Property Rights and Patent Portfolios, etc.)

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